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Sensors for QLS-Systems
MRP Automatisierungstechnik.

The MRP quality control system MRP QLS 2003 was specifically developed for the paper industry. It is characterised by its compact design, the predominant use of standard components and a modern software architecture.
The system is designed for the collection and presentation of the various parameters that are required for the optimal operation of a paper, cardboard and coating machine.
The various MRP sensors are capable of determining parameters such as grammage, filler, coat weight, moisture, thickness, colour, gloss, formation or porosity for various paper and cardboard types.
The MRP quality control system MRP QLS 2003 consists of one or more sensors and traversing frames, which are coupled with one or more computers via Ethernet or Profibus.


Artikel-BezeichnungDownload PDF
Flächengewichtsmessung MRP FLG 2002Download Datei MRP FLG 2002 V1.1
Flächengewicht MRP Rö 2010Download Datei MRP Rö 2010 V1.1
Feuchtemessung MRP IR 2006Download Datei MRP IR 2008 V1.1
Feuchtemessung Mikrowelle DSDownload Datei MRP MW DS 2003 V1.1
Dickensensor MRP LL 2006Download Datei MRP LL 2006 V1.1
Dickensensor MRP SHSH 2010Download Datei MRP Dicke SHSH
Dickensensor MRP TeTe 2008Download Datei MRP Dicke TeTe 2008
Dickensensor MRP DLA 2003Download Datei MRP DLA 2003
Füllstoffsensor MRP ASH 2005Download Datei MRP ASH 2005
Porositätssensor MRP PORO 2015Download Datei MRP PORO2015
Formationssensor MRP FO 2014Download Datei MRP FO 2014 V1.0